About riza

RIZA is run by a multidisciplinary team who has experience in Accounting, Treasury, Controlling, Finance, Swiss Banking and International Tax Planning. The team is able to work in English, French, Italian, German and Russian to advise clients who range from entrepreneurs, family owned companies and medium to large subsidiaries of multinational groups.

The nearby situated University of St. Gallen represents one of the main knowledge drivers of RIZA.

RIZA is respecting the rules given by Swiss Money Laundry and Financial Institutions Regulatory and its employees yearly complete obligatory and additional educations.

The mission of RIZA is to offer independent, innovative and outstanding solutions to clients who seek to get the best tailor made product which can be created out of the actual Swiss Law and the latest knowledge of Science.

Our overall goal is that the client after 20 years would choose our service again.

The added value for our Clients is that they:

  • Have 100% transparency about the decision taking.
  • Are not exposed to the risk that they find themselves with products or services on which others take hidden kick backs.
  • Profit from a long term sparring partner for solution in different fields.
  • Will always find themselves with the most cost efficient components.
  • Are not exposed to unnecessary risks.
  • Do not finance within their fees excessive marketing expeditions and inappropriate office locations.