Swiss Asset Storage

Recent developments in the worldwide Banking Sector make many Bank Clients aware of the fact that their assets may not be safe anymore in their Bank. Especially banks or even countries tend to go bankrupt; new extensive regulations are put in place; new laws which affect even banks from other countries are created; in certain countries gold has already once been confiscated; global governments are seeking for more money; real values of currencies are questioned. Those are serious risks for privacy and freedom regarding the personal wealth.


To avoid total exposure to this movement, Riza has developed ProStor, a unique Swiss Storage System for almost all kind of physical Assets that is normally only accessible for large institutional players. This outstanding solution brings along not only more privacy and flexibility than other known solutions like for example expensive bank-accounts or simple safe-deposit boxes but also more safety and worldwide accessibility of the clients assets.

Features of ProStor Storage

  • Stored assets are 100% insured (which is not the case for safe-deposit boxes in banks).
  • Worldwide transportability of stored items by simple transport order and much privacy.
  • Cost efficient transportation of stored goods (fees which are normally only available for banks).
  • No risk of bank going bankrupt (because no bank is involved).
  • No personal information and no passport copy of the client with any bank.
  • Flexible designable rules to give power to third parties for accessing the stored assets.
  • Client is technically independent from RIZA while using the storage solutions, which means that RIZA itself has no access to the stored items but is only handling certain administrative issues.
  • Assets are stored with the biggest worldwide custodian firm where even banks and investment funds store their physical underlying values.