Swiss Trust Services

Our association with International Partners gives the platform to advise clients with cross-border issues which is an increasing requirement with globalisation. The firm has a proactive training programme for all staff and associates to enhance our capabilities keep abreast of the changing world and ensure up-to-date solutions to clients needs.

Accounting and Business Support

We support corporations and individuals by providing them with complete accounting and administrative services, thus allowing them to concentrate on their core activities. We provide clients with up-to-date financial information on their activities and ensure that all administrative issues are handled efficiently and on time. Our professionals provide Financial reporting, Payroll processing, Value added tax administration, Trust accounting and general administrative support (invoicing, processing of trade documents, etc.).


We offer tax services at both Swiss and international levels to corporate and private clients. These services include Swiss and international tax planning with the aim to maximise the benefits of Swiss and foreign legislations, administrative practices and double tax treaties. In this respect, when required, we work closely with our worldwide associates.

Our tax services are supported by third party lawyers and accountants to ensure all tax and non tax aspects are properly taken into account. Before implementing new structures we support our clients with representation and negotiation with tax authorities.

To achieve Swiss tax compliance we assist in particular for preparation and filing of tax returns (direct taxes and VAT), checking assessments, filing appeals, VAT representation, etc.

On cross-border legal issues, we benefit from the assistance of specialised law firms worldwide.

Company Formation and Administration

Based on an objective analysis of clients' affairs and individual requirements, we advise on corporate structures, reorganisations and liquidations. This includes advice on the selection of an appropriate jurisdiction and structure from both strategic and tax points of view as well as statutory compliance.

Through our network of international correspondents and associates, companies can be incorporated at short notice in most locations in the world.

Trusts and Foundations

Common law trusts, civil law foundations and all work connected with what is now commonly referred to as Family Office Services, are handled by us, where needed by cooperating with selected regulated Partners.

In particular, foundations often form an important or even key element in planning for the protection of personal wealth. We have the expertise to advise clients where a trust or a foundation is or could be a solution.